volume  lashes

A complimentary professional cleanser is given to New clients at their First appointment

cleanse morning + night
by cleansing your lashes with a foaming cleanser you will increase your retention + keep your lashes soft
this is especially important for Volume

do not apply mascara, or curl your lashes
liquid or eye shadow liner is ok

do not brush wet lashes
allow a few minutes for your lashes to air dry, then brush them out
brushing wet lashes will not give you the same result

avoid oil
oil diminishes the bond and will cause premature shedding

avoid cotton
do not use q tips or cotton rounds near your lash line. it will catch on the bonds and can pull the lash
use a clean, soft brush to cleanse your lashes

sleeping on your face can cause the lashes to twist
avoid intentionally pressing them into the pillow

do not scratch, rub or play with your lash line
only touch your extensions when cleaning or brushing them

if you are experiencing an adverse reaction, please do not hesitate to contact me with your concern

lift + tint

keep the lashes dry for the first 24 hours
this step is vital. you must allow your newly lifted lashes to set.
avoid all products, water, steam (including stove top cooking and shower steam), saunas, shampoo, face wash, makeup remover wipes on the lash line during this time

sleeping on the first night
sleeping on your side or face can leave the lashes raised, dropped or misshaped

do not use an eyelash curler
this is not necessary after your lash lift

do not use waterproof mascara
water based mascara is safe to apply and will amplify your results

condition your lashes multiple times per week
you must provide moisture to your lifted lashes with coconut oil/olive oil. this is extremely important to keep the lashes healthy, especially if you plan to lift them again