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Alright - we’ve seen this term floating around the internet and Instagram alike… But what is it? Why the heck does it happen?
And quite frankly, why should I care?

As Hilaree Brand, of My Brand Lashes says - the side effect of pumpkin spice lattes are thin lashes.

As summer comes to an end and the days have fewer hours of sunlight, our bodies will begin to release hair. In the world of Lash Artistry, this is known as the “Autumn Lash Shed”.
This annual shed typically begins around early October, and lasts approximately 4-8 weeks.

In the summer, our bodies are designed to hold more hair to protect us from the strong sun. When the hair is no longer needed, the body will release it.

So what are we to do?

If you notice an increase in shedding, your retention is diminished and your lash sets are looking thinner than usual - rest assured, this is not lash damage.

The best way to avoid a less than sexy lash line is to plan ahead by booking your fills a little earlier than usual. Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash shape looking perfect, and full.

Please understand your lash artist may be required to provide you a set with shorter lengths to keep your thinner lashes healthy during this time. In order to better disguise natural lash shed, I recommend volume lashes in shorter lengths, with a stronger curl.

Volume technique has the ability to cover sparse areas, add fullness and shape. Shorter lengths will improve weight distribution on your natural lashes, lessening stress. A stronger curl is perfect for those who want their lashes to appear more noticeable.