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when do we use them and what do we need to know?

a post for clients & artists

On the front page of this blog I have a professional cream-based remover on a microswab. 
In a removal, we would apply this cream to your lash line, away from your skin and let it sit for a few minutes. Removals are a service designed to professionally and gently remove your lashes when you no longer wish to maintain them, or when you intend to get a full set by a different artist.

Artists: the time frames should be found on the instructions for use on your product. It varies from 3-10 minutes. You may check if it is working by gently stroking the lash extensions from base to tip using a swab, tweezer or flocked applicator. 

We then begin stroking your lash extensions and they slide right off! This is gentle, effective & completely safe for your lashes!

Now, the science behind removers is that they contain strong ingredients that will break up the professional lash bond. Specifically, an acetone based compound to degrade the polymer to the point where it detaches from the hair. 

During the process, the hair will swell (microscopically). The hair itself will retain a trace amount of the removal cream as hair is porous/absorbent.

Now, I do rinse & cleanse the lashes immediately after the removal but water is polar and oils are non-polar, therefore they REPEL EACH OTHER. 

It is virtually impossible to free the hairs from the removal residue within the next few minutes. This is why reputable lash educators now teach to wait a minimum of 2 days before re-applying lashes. If you are to have the lashes re-applied immediately, you risk very poor retention and the lashes will likely not last. 
I value the highest level of education and have a commitment to pass that knowledge on to my clients. This is why I have policies in place, talk to you at your appointment, invite you to ask questions and continue my education.  

When we know better, we do better.