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Krystal HallComment

I will never forget how helpful it was to have Bri from @AsiaKayBeauty show me how she grips her tweezers. 

Disclaimer: I am not a trainer, and this does NOT replace a volume training course. 


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I have been trained & certified in the Volume Technique in February 2017 by Borboleta Beauty  where the instructors, Andrea & Sabrina, had shown me how to properly hold a volume tweezer.

Six or seven months prior to my course I took it upon myself to try to create a volume fan. I wanted to wrap my head around the dexterity that it requires before I hopped into a course. 

I struggled placing fans onto a natural lash & was actually never able to achieve it until I had completed my Borby course! I didn't know how to balance on the face while maintaining the PERFECT tension on the sweet spot of the tweezer. I couldn't figure out how to work around the nose, or with deep set eyes, while keeping my volume fan intact. Anyone with split bases knows how frustrating this part is. 

Now that it has become a lot easier for me (but don't be fooled, it ain't no walk in the park) I can understand how I need my hand to be positioned to create pretty fans. 

My pinky is my fulcrum (for the former dental lash artists) aka my stabilizer, my middle, ring and thumb provide tension and my pointer finger provides resistance against my push. I have very bony fingers so it looks like there is a lot of stressed being placed on my hand but I am actually holding it pretty lightly. Crazy, I know haha..